Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thank you!

Throughout this course and my previous courses at Dominican, I have continued to be impressed by my fellow classmates and instructors. You all have much to offer and I have learned so much from you. The workshops were very helpful and provided useful tools that I can use, and our discussions have also provided some wonderful ideas that I will take with me when I enter my own school library.

This is my last class, and I know I will miss learning from all of you. I am worried about the isolation that can occur when in the school library. I hope that I continue to learn from my fellow librarians through conferences and by keeping in touch with my Dominican classmates. I do not want to lose so many great resources! (Another reason I need to move all my resources out of blackboard soon! :-))

So thank you for your insights, ideas, and tools, and I hope to keep in touch with you. Good luck in your upcoming school years!


  1. Thanks, Amber.
    All the best as you move on to the next stage of your career. Joining professional organizations, finding some like-minded librarians, and using web 2.0 tools to stay current in the field has really helped me continue to grow and improve as a professional.
    I love being a school librarian and think it is the greatest job in the world (at least for me!). I hope you will find it to be a challenging and rewarding endeavor too.

  2. I am definitely ready to get started in my own school library! And I'm assuming you'll (Erin) be at the ISLMA conference this Oct? I'm going to register for it.

  3. It was great being in classes with you, Amber. Any library (especially one in particular?!?!?) would be darn lucky to get you and your talents even beyond the library and classroom! I'm glad Erin talked in class about keeping in touch with each other. I feel like I learned so much from classmates as well. I hope to attend the ISLMA conference, too, though we just got an email saying that _all_ professional development funds have been cut.